Linda Norrix, Ph.D., CCC-A: Clinical Associate Professor, University of Arizona, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences – Information Related to Auditory Processing Disorder

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Century Plant Blooming, Tucson, AZ

Century Plant Blooming, Tucson, AZ

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The following are articles and organizations Dr. Norrix provided with information on Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and organizations that help those with APD and/or Hearing Loss.

  • Literature review of computerized auditory training for those with hearing loss: Auditory 1

  • FM loop systems with AD/HD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder: Auditory 2

  • FM Loop Systems with Auditory Processing Disorder: Auditory 3

  • Bellis’ theory of Auditory Processing Disorder Subtypes: Bellis subprofiles

Helpful Organizations for those with APD and/or Hearing Loss: