Life-Changing Interventions for the New AD/HD: Beyond the DSM-5® – Extra Information

Big Horned Sheep, Banff, British Columbia, Canada

Big Horned Sheep, Banff, British Columbia, Canada

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All Slides: CCE ADHD Website 2013 July


Slides A – Estate Planning, Disability and Special Education Laws, Medical Tests for AD/HD, Neurobiofeedback:

Slides B – Genetics and AD/HD, Neurochemestry of AD/HD, Neurology of AD/HD, Etiologies of AD/HD, Medical Conditions and AD/HD:

Slides C – Active Forgetting and CAM for AD/HD, Sluggish Cognitve Tempo, AD/HD Identity, AD/HD Comorbidities, AD/HD & ODD, AD/HD & CD, AD/HD and “the Blues” & Grief, AD/HD & Alexithymia, AD/HD & Internalizing:

Slides D – AD/HD & Dysthmia, AD/HD & Major Depressive Disorder, AD/HD & Suicide, AD/HD & Bipolar Disorder, ADHD & Seasonal Affective Disorder Solar Intensity etc., AD/HD & Anxiety, AD/HD & Other Issues, AD/HD and Personality Disorders:

Slides E –  AD/HD & Specific Learning Disorder, AD/HD & Speech and Language Disorders, AD/HD & Developmental Coordination Disorder, AD/HD & Autism Spectrum Disorder, AD/HD & Central Auditory Processing Disorder:

Slides F – AD/HD & Central Auditory Processing Disorder (Continued), AD/HD & Hyperacusis:

Slides G – AD/HD & Hyperacusis (Continued), AD/HD & Sleep Disorders, AD/HD & Social Skills Training, AD/HD & Substance Abuse:

Slides H – AD/HD & Substance Abuse (Continued), AD/HD & Coaching, AD/HD & Psychotherapy, AD/HD & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Slides I – AD/HD & Psychotherapy (Continued), AD/HD & Family Therapy: