About Dr. Blake’s PESI, Inc. Seminars

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Dr. Blake Currently does one 6 hour live seminar for PESI, Inc. I The following is that seminar:

Executive Dysfunction: Effective Strategies & Interventions for Children & Adolescents

The frontal lobes of the brain, which are largely responsible for the adequate performance of executive functions, are the last to fully mature in childhood development. Children with inattention, poor planning and organizational skills, memory deficits, emotional instability and poor self-monitoring are at risk for academic underachievement and socialization/behavioral difficulties. They may be deemed ‘lazy’, ‘forgetful’, ‘confused’ and ‘inconsistent’. Their learning often suffers from behaviorally-based actions that can be shared and developed in and out of the classroom. Children and adolescents with executive dysfunction are frequently brighter than their academic performance suggests. Through the use of case studies and interactive discussion of executive functioning, Dr. Kevin Blake will provide you with practical, effective and easily adaptable skill-building techniques for children and adolescents with executive dysfunction. You will learn the latest evidence-based treatment strategies for behavioral and academic achievement. Learn how you can intervene and help overcome fear and anxiety when homework is missing, late, incomplete, or just way off-base. Discover how to guide initiation and follow-through with assignments and projects. Help your students work through problems with a sequential, logical method. Leave this seminar with classroom strategies to help children and adolescents achieve their full academic and social potentials. This seminar is eligible for 6 CE hours.