Consulting & Lecturing Services

Dr. Kevin T. Blake

Dr. Kevin T. Blake

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Dr. Blake does telephone consultation with medical and mental health professionals who have patients/clients with specific learning disorder, nonverbal learning disorders (social communication disorder), autism spectrum disorder and/or AD/HD. Those professional interested in accessing such services should contact Dr. Blake through this website or by phone so he can contact you for the details of how such services are provided.

Briefly, Dr. Blake should not be provided any identifying information about the patient/client and/or their family, loved ones, co-workers, etc. Dr. Blake cannot provide specific referral information for most parts of the country because he may not know what services are available where you are. Consultations MUST be conducted in compliance with the Ethical Standards of the American Psychological Association and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Dr. Blake charges $350.00 per hour for consultations conducted over the telephone. Time is charged in 15-minute increments. If Dr. Blake is asked to do an on site consultation his charge is $3000.00 per day plus expenses. Multi-day onsite consultation services are negotiable.

Lecture Services:

Besides doing seminars for PESI, Inc. , Dr. Blake presents keynote addresses, workshops, lectures and seminars for organizations, schools, churches, universities/colleges, and companies concerning issues facing those with specific learning disorders, nonverbal learning disorders (social communication disorder), autism spectrum disorder and/or AD/HD. He will work with you to put together a presentation that can meet your special needs. Such presentations can be designed to be for conferences or staff development training. Audiences can be the general public to medical/mental health professionals.

The fees for such services are negotiated at the time of booking.

Dr. Blake can provide his a LCD projector and laptop under some circumstances.